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Foundation FBS
Product number: 900-108
Price: ¥8483
Producers: GEMINI
Arrival Time: 4-5weeks
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Gemini’s Foundation™ fetal bovine serum is intended for the customer who wants excellent cell growth while buying at the most economical prices. This material originates from USDA-approved sources and goes through the same filtration schemes and final quality-control testing as our other grades. This material is distinguished from our BenchMark™ FBS by allowing higher levels of hemoglobin and/or endotoxin.

Triple 0.1µm sterile-filtered
Mycoplasma-tested and virus-screened
Ships on dry ice. Store frozen at -20 to -10°C

Cat. Description Size Price Brand Delivery time Mannual
900-108Foundation FBS500mL¥8483GEMINI4-5weeks
100-512GemCell U.S. Human Serum AB100mL¥2873GEMINI4-5weeks
500-102No-Worries Bovine Pituitary Extract100mg¥2380GEMINI4-5weeks
700-112PBovine Insulin Powder100mg¥5525GEMINI4-5weeks
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